Home Health Care

Atlantic AllCare provides a variety of home care services in the home. Based on the needs of the individual, these services fall into several categories of home care including services for individuals with special care situations caused by medical conditions or injuries. By providing the care services in a home setting, the individual is more comfortable and able to respond better to the goal or plan of care. Learn More

Companion Care

Atlantic AllCare Companion Care provides seniors with emotional support and encouragement to stay as healthy as possible. This service is designed for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home. Atlantic AllCare Companion Care assists clients to stay mentally healthy and alert by engaging in conversation, providing assistance and encouraging clients to be as physically active as possible. Learn More

Case Management

Atlantic AllCare Case Management services are a cooperative effort between an individual, their family, their healthcare providers, potential third party payers, and a professional case manager. These services include planning, health assessment, coordination of care, and advocacy to meet all healthcare needs. Learn More

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